Timeline from first symptom to diagnosis

Our son Connor was diagnosed with JDM in January of 2010 and here is a bit of a timeline to show you how this diagnosis was reached...

Towards the end of November 2009, Connor mentioned some pain in his right foot. We found a Plantar Wart and began treating it. We went on vacation in Germany were he mentioned a pain in his knee's, to feeling in his own words, pain 'inside his legs'. By the time we got home on December 9, he needed to be carried almost everywhere. By the end of December he was unable to feed himself, dress himself, sit up or down, lay down and of course walk. Here is a list of tests he went through between December 10 to December 28, 2009

X-ray of his Hips
MRI of his spine
X-ray of his chest
CAT Scan of his brain
CAT Scan of his chest
MRI of his chest
MRI of his hips
Numerous Blood Work
Spinal Tap
and we finished with a Muscle Biopsy

There were many speculations of what might be causing Connor so much pain and one of them was Gullian Barre Syndrom (GBS) due to his first symptoms showing up within a few days of his H1N1 Flu Shot.

The final Diagnosis came on January 11, 2010
-Juvenile Dermatomyositis (JDM)-



Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Celebrating and a sigh of relieve!

I admit I should not take Politics at heart as much as I do but today's news about Rick Santorum leaving the race was truly a huge relief for me and my family.

I was running errands when I received a txt message from my friend Kim and I felt happy since then.

I do not really have to explain why since I layer it all out in the blog when we had our Santorum encounter but I wish you all could have seen Connor's face when I told him.

Now I admit I was reading some news reports since I came home about why he pulled out. It will seem cold to you that I do not buy into the part that he is pulling out due to his daughter being sick. She has been sick since birth and has been in and out of the hospital during his campaign before. So I am celebrating that his real reason for pulling out must be the facts that he realized he truly has no shot, could a possible loose in his home State be the reason? would be pretty embarrassing.

On a lighter note, I guess that means I won't get to see President Obama face off against this hypocrite of a person and I can put my move to Germany on the back burner for now ;)



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